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NC Student Assist Loan

Student borrowers (undergraduate or grad), with a co-signer if needed, can apply for a NC Student Assist Loan.

NC Student Assist Loan Application

NC Parent Assist Loan

Parents or step-parents can take out an NC Parent Assist Loan on an undergraduate student's behalf, while taking on the responsibility to repay that loan.

NC Parent Assist Loan Application


Eligible family members can apply to co-sign for NC Student Assist Loans, to enable students without credit to become eligible.

Co-Signer Application

Which Program is Right for Me?

If you have questions about which loan program is best for you, contact an NC Assist counselor for help.

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Eligible family members Co-signers can be a parent, stepparent, grandparent, sibling, spouse, son or daughter of the student loan applicant.
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