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Co-Signing Made Easy

Since many students don’t have a sufficient credit history to qualify for a student loan on their own, adding a creditworthy co-signer can help their loan application be approved.
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If a student applying for an NC Student Assist Loan is not able to meet the credit requirements, he or she may request a family member to co-sign his or her loan. A co-signer accepts equal responsibility for paying back the loan.

The student's family member must complete an application to become a co-signer for an NC Student Assist Loan. The co-signer must have the Application ID number from the student's completed loan application, as well as the student's last name and the Requested Loan Amount. 

Co-Signer Requirements

In order to co-sign for an NC Student Assist loan, the co-signer must:

Accept equal responsibility for paying the debt, including fees and collection costs.

Be at least 21 years old.

Be a parent, stepparent, grandparent, sibling, spouse, son or daughter of the student loan applicant.

Be a current citizen of the United States.

Be credit-worthy and meet the required credit score.

Guarantee that the student’s debt is repaid.

Understand that the student’s loan may appear on your credit report.

Info Needed to Apply As a Co-Signer

In order to make the application process smoother, please have the following information available:

Borrower's NC Assist application ID, Borrower's last name, and the amount of the loan the Borrower requested.

Your date of birth.

Your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Your Social Security Number.

Your Driver's License Number.

If employed, your employer's information.

With the help of a co-signer, loans that would otherwise be out of reach can very easily become accessible.

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